Join Sara and Tasha in The Powder Puff Club®!

Official Blog of “The Secret Club,” the first book in a Trademarked Series titled, “The Powder Puff Club®”. Join the adventures of Sara Harper and Tasha Keenan, best friends at age 11, as they start up a girl’s club and invite their friends to secret meetings! Try to follow their topsy-turvy dreams of horses and boy crushes and see which ones come true! Thanks for stopping by!

Who is Sara Harper?

Sara Harper is the main character in the children’s book, “The Secret Club.”

11-year-old Sara and her best friend, Tasha Keenan, start up a secret club in the hayloft of Sara’s barn. They call it the Powder Puff Club, and the all-girl membership is by invitation only!

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Going to the beach

As I write the second book in my children’s series, I am thrilled with the progress. I know my readers are anxious for a sequel to my first book, The Secret Club. Thank you for your patience, readers!

It will be fun to read about Sara and her family going to the beach for their annual summer vacation. Wait until you see what trouble she gets into while she’s there!

Work is in progress on Book #2

Thanks for following our blog. We will be updating it with factoids from the first book, “The Secret Club” and keep you posted on the progress of Book #2 in the series.

Book #2 will be about Sara’s family and their summer vacation to the beach.

Sara spoke in the first book about their getting ready to go on their annual summer vacation. They will be visiting Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. 

Be sure to read Book #1 in the series, “The Secret Club,” so you will be ready to continue with Book #2 when it is published!